Rolex Corners - Pedro Luis Olivares Joyero


With his new jewelry boutique, Pedro Luis Olivares Joyero offers his clients a new way of living the “Rolex” experience, where you will find the latest news from the Swiss watch brand.

Rolex universe in MURCIA

Endorsed for more than 30 years as an official Rolex distributor in Murcia.

Rolex Space in Pedro Luis Olivares Joyero

Professionalism with KINDNESS

At Pedro Luis Olivares Joyero, clients receive kindness and closeness, hoping they can enjoy not only the pleasure of acquiring the best Rolex watch and receiving the best service, but our professional and friendly staff will also help you at all times during your purchase, with the expert advice you may need.

Restrained luxury AT PEDRO LUIS OLIVARES

Inside you can breathe a restrained luxury, with references to Rolex sea world, the corporate green of the emblematic backlit ‘Aqua’ wall, highlights the relief of the green waves from the space of the brand, involving the guest, the lover of the watches.

Rolex Corner at Pedro Luis Olivares Joyero Jewelry


In our jewelry and watchmaking shop in Murcia, we can offer you the latest novelties in Rolex watches, from the most emblematic designs of classic watches, to the sport professional designs, among others.

Rolex Showcase in Pedro Luis Olivares Joyero