TAG Heuer Connected now available at Pedro Luis Olivares

TAG Heuer Connected now available at Pedro Luis Olivares

The first intelligent luxury watch by the Swiss manufacturer TAG Heuer is already a reality in the Region thanks to its dealer in Murcia, Pedro Luis Olivares. Murcian jewellery presented this exclusive piece in its establishment of Gran Via in an event that counted with the director of TAG Heuer Spain, Blanca Panzano, and the person in charge of the brand in the delegation of Murcia, Jesus Bercedo. The jeweller's establishment also approached customers interested in the watch, as well as potential clients of youth profile and taste for technology.

For Alejandro Olivares, manager of Joyería Pedro Luis Olivares, "the presentation was a success since what characterizes our events is a very friendly and familiar atmosphere all set with the image of TAG Heuer that so much like in the world of the Watchmaking and which is itself an experience. In addition, the representatives of the brand were delighted with the attendance of the guests as well as the interest they showed for the product ».

The TAG Heuer Connected with Intel Inside is a luxury watch that has a Swiss experience, tradition and heritage of more than 150 years, something that has always been complemented by innovation and avant-garde, and a sporty and youthful character from the outset.  It is no coincidence, therefore, that the firm was the first Swiss brand to develop a 'smartwatch' connected with Android operating system. They say the idea came from their current CEO, Jean Claude Biver, who last year opted for this technology by signing an alliance with Google and Intel to develop, manufacture and subsequently distribute the watch.

"What makes this watch unique is the collaboration of a Swiss watch manufacturer with mobile technology and information technology brands. TAG Heuer has used all its know-how on the traditional manufacture of watches and the result has been a 'smartwatch' but with a design and materials to match any other Swiss watch. What's more, its greatest value is precisely that, which in the wrist does not seem like a technological gadget, but the first impression when you look at it is that of a real watch, "explains Alejandro Olivares.

"With this watch," continues the manager of the concession company in Murcia, "TAG Heuer brings together the best of both worlds. That is, customers of the brand or traditional watch who had never thought of acquiring one, or technology clients that until now had not been interested in the traditional clock, are now with an attractive product and with enough arguments to attract at least your attention".

With a diameter of 46.2 mm, the design of the TAG Heuer Connected is basically that of a true chronograph, with box and bezel made of grade 2 titanium, a material that guarantees greater lightness and resistance. The watch piece presents all the elegance and level of finish that is expected of a high-end watch. For him, the firm has developed three digital spheres that feature the easily recognizable design line of the Carrera collection, including needles, indexes, counters and calendar window: chronograph dial, three-needle dial, and dial GMT, faithfully reproducing the look and functions of an authentic sphere, with shadows under the needles and a beautiful sunbeam effect.

In addition, because the TAG Heuer Connected is, above all, a watch, digital needles and indexes remain visible at any time, even when the watch is in energy-saving mode. There is a fourth type of sphere, thematic, which counts with interactive counters, a unique form in which the applications of the clock are presented. The principle is simple: the dial and the needles are preserved and the most relevant information of the associated applications is elegantly presented on three counters inside the chronograph dial, at 12, 6 and 9 o'clock and integrated by Complete in the aesthetics of the watch.

Simple and intuitive operation allows the user to focus on the essential, without affecting the classic appearance of the watch. Custom applications for TAG Heuer and available exclusively are Insiders, GolfShot Pro (golf), RaceChrono Pro (motor racing) and Viewrangers (road). In addition, TAG Heuer has included classic functions that are an essential part of the universe of watchmaking: a timer, an alarm and a timer, whose design is faithful to the brand codes.

TAG Heuer has worked closely with Intel and Google to create a luxury watch that combines connectivity and computer intelligence with Swiss watchmaking tradition. The clock features an Intel Atom Z34XX processor and works with the Android Wear platform. Intel has built the smart clock system to optimize performance and enable a wealth of connectivity options, including online audio playback, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, as well as allowing users to use the full range of options offered by the Android Wear operating system.

The TAG Heuer Connected watch, with 4GB of memory and a state-of-the-art lithium battery that lasts up to 25 hours, is equipped with a small microphone to connect to Google voice control as well as a sapphire crystal display, and as an indispensable complement the crown located at three o'clock, which houses the controls. The entire piece has been manufactured to be airtight for daily use and is rated with the IP67 level of tightness.

And if the user does not carry the phone with him, nothing happens. The clock will continue to calculate, display and exchange data and, as long as it has a Wi-Fi connection, will remain connected to the cloud. Of course, your hosted apps (music player, timer, alarm, step counter) will remain active even offline. Also worth mentioning is its wireless charge. Simply place the watch on top of the charger to charge it. Also, the piece enjoys an international warranty of two years.

All these aspects and its price, 1,400 euros, has made the clock has been a global success having broken sales forecasts. "For several months we have clients who have been interested in this piece. Therefore, it is not surprising that on the first day all units received have been exhausted, "says the manager of the jewelry.

With all this, being able to present the watch and having attended part of the demand of the Region of Murcia is for Alejandro Olivares a recognition of our good work and the confidence of the brand deposited in us, since it puts us at the height of Big cities like Madrid or Barcelona.