Panerai Event: Pedro Luis Olivares Joyero brings to cartagena the mythical boat of eilean regatas of 1936.

Panerai Event: Pedro Luis Olivares Joyero brings to cartagena the mythical boat of eilean regatas of 1936.


Cartagena witnessed an event in which the nautical world and the prestigious Panerai watch brand were the protagonists, customers of Pedro Luis Olivares Joyero in Murcia were able to enjoy a magnificent day of sailing aboard the classic Eilean race boat designed in 1936 by the Scottish William Fife III one of the most renowned Yacht builders of all history.

The octogenarian sailboat of 22 meters long and Italian flag made a stopover on the morning of Friday, July 21 at the North Pier of the Puerto Deportivo de Cartagena, where port authorities, management and seamen of the Royal Regattas Club did everything possible because crew felt like in their port of origin the two days of stay. Tourists from the area could take pictures and admire more closely this jewel of the seas with much history for lovers of sailing.


His glory years in the 60s as one of the most attractive boats in the Caribbean at the hands of the British John Shearer and with tenants such as British Pop duo "Duran Duran", where they recorded the video for the song "Rio", ended with a tragic end by colliding in one of its 14 Atlantic starts against a Portuguese merchant being seriously damaged.

In May of 2006 the watch brand Panerai visited the island of Antigua in the Caribbean to study the state of the boat, finding it in a deplorable state of conservation went to work. With a budget of three million euros to return its majestic original appearance, in 2009 was launched again to compete as flagship Panerai in the regattas of classic and vintage boats, as is the case of the Regatta to be held from 29 August to 2 September in Menorca valid for the Panerai Classic Yachts Challenge Circuit.


Customers of Pedro Luis Olivares and crew members of the Eilean sailed with favourable wind heading Mazarrón to enjoy a series of nautical and underwater activities prepared exclusively and with the collaboration of the Southeast Diving Center. - "BachiSub" located in the Port of Mazarrón, F.A.S.R.M. (Federation of Underwater Activities of the Region of Murcia) and AUPESAN BMW.

Once anchored at La Azhoia, one of their boats sank with exquisite care in the manoeuvre to the port side of the Eilean and the crew could get on board to begin to enjoy a baptism in the waters of the Mediterranean. The dive consisted of a series of basic exercises of breathing and security where the marine environment of the crystal-clear waters of the Bay of Mazarron in the Marine Reserve of Cabo Tiñoso were the protagonists.

A Briefing by F.A.S.R.M. and the instructors of the Southeast scuba diving centre opened the day, explaining basic exercises such as mascara void, positive buoyancy and underwater navigation. Customers enjoyed for 55 minutes at depths ranging from three to twelve meters with their Panerai watches checking their tightness, then the chief instructor successfully tested one of the models to a depth of 40 meters.

Once the exciting diving baptism ended, the Eilean sailboat set sail to Cala Cerrada, where they enjoyed the menu prepared by the Chef aboard the boat.

In the middle of the afternoon and taking advantage of the good wind of the wind, candles were lowered to head back to the port of Deportivo de Cartagena, during the voyage, the attendants could feel the force of the wind when putting themselves at the controls of the rudder under the instructions of the Captain and the skill of the official crew of the Eilean in the handling of the sailing equipment in the numerous competitions of classic sailing ships of which they have been victorious.

Panerai, travels the world transmitting the values ​​of classic sailing and the passion for sailing and the sea for lovers of classic sailing.

An unforgettable day with the Panerai Watches team that Pedro Luis Olivares Joyero greatly appreciates for having traveled from Barcelona to visit the coast of our Region of Murcia, we hope to return soon to cross our valuable waters and reserves underwater.