New TAG Heuer Connected Golf Edition - The best watch for golf lovers

New TAG Heuer Connected Golf Edition - The best watch for golf lovers



The Swiss luxury watch brand continues to take advantage of the resounding success of the new TAG Heuer Connected, adding new models to this line of watches that are elegantly manufactured and designed for maximum performance. These new features include a special edition for golfers, which uniquely combines the sporty elegance and unmatched functionality of the TAG Heuer Golf app within a personalized digital experience, suitable for any lifestyle.

Combining advanced watch technology with its more than proven passion for golf and the world of sports, TAG Heuer presents the Golf Special Edition of the third generation of its Connected watch, released in March this year. This is the second time that Swiss luxury watch brand has created a specific watch for golf lovers; The first edition was presented in 2019 with the launch of the best golf app in its class, the TAG Heuer Golf app, with which it achieved immediate success.

Discover the TAG Heuer Connected Golf Edition Titanium 45 mm SBG8A82.EB0206 by clicking here.

Designed and developed entirely in-house by a team of experts, the TAG Heuer Golf app offers countless tools to help users master the golf course, such as 3D mapping, obstacle distance, shot tracking, scorecards, professional statistics and the new Driving Zone functionality. Designed with professional gamers in mind, it will also support any player looking to advance to the next level. Together with the TAG Heuer Sport app and the range of associated services offered by the new Connected watch and the Wear OS by Google ecosystem, this is the perfect companion, both on and off the golf course.

The TAG Heuer Connected Golf Edition is designed with the utmost care to improve the player's technique and make him stand out on the field. Playing golf with a TAG Heuer Connected is a revolutionary change that will give any golf player an immediate competitive advantage.

Thanks to its innovative union of form and function, this watch offers a smooth, simple and performance-oriented digital experience, not only for golf but also for many other sports and daily activities.

Every single detail has been expressly designed to help refine the player's strategy, improve their precision, and eliminate guesswork, so you can focus on enjoying golf without compromising on elegance and style.

TAG Heuer Connected Golf Edition SBG8A82.EB0206

The TAG Heuer Connected is a unique combination of the refinement of a chronograph-inspired watch built in the purest watchmaking tradition with a state-of-the-art, custom-designed and performance-oriented digital experience. It offers customers a striking and versatile digital wrist watch to enhance their personal lifestyle and golf games.

The wrist experience is complemented by the TAG Heuer mobile companion app that allows for even greater personalization and information about other user sports activities such as running, cycling or fitness.

The new TAG Heuer Connected Golf Edition

The ultralight 45mm black titanium case is reminiscent of the distinct design and refined finishes of the TAG Heuer chronographs. The unique matte black ceramic bezel features 18 engraved and lacquered graduations that serve as a benchmark for performance at each hole. The crown is now flanked by two functional push buttons at 2 and 4 o'clock and a screwed caseback.

TAG Heuer Connected Golf

The white lacquered rotating crown and green lacquered push buttons are reminiscent of the unmistakable tones of the golf course. The buttons, in particular, have a specific use for the TAG Heuer Golf app, in addition to other functionalities within the digital experience: they are used to record shots and shooting distances with optimum precision in action. This innovative feature perfectly represents the TAG Heuer legacy in the ultimate measurement of sports performance.

TAG Heuer Connected Golf SBG8A82.EB0206

The luxurious, high-tech Connected watch comes with a special white rubber strap with green stitching and a golf ball-like texture, and a perforated black rubber alternative for everyday use. and more formal. Thanks to its intuitive interchangeable bracelet system, with a simple movement of the clip, the user can change its appearance very easily.

TAG Heuer Connected Golf Edition Precio

They can also choose other styles by purchasing resistant rubber straps, available in a classic black design with red stitching or in red, orange or perforated khaki, more striking, complementing the main option of steel bracelet.

For this particular Golf Edition model, TAG Heuer is also introducing new variations of its five custom-made mechanical or digitally inspired watch faces with splashes of emerald green to match the striking color notes of the case and case. the belt.

The dial features an ultra-readable and fully active OLED touchscreen, protected by an anti-scratch sapphire crystal, to extend battery life, the display toggles between active and ambient mode, but always indicates the time.

The watch is equipped with a magnetic battery charger and a travel case, as well as an accessory box containing four tees, a sprinkler, three balls, all bearing the TAG Heuer logo, and the additional black rubber strap.

Caja TAG Heuer Connected Golf Edition SBG8A82.EB0206

Entra en juego con la app TAG Heuer Golf

Last year TAG Heuer launched its own golf app, the most advanced golf mobile app on the market, since then the innovative luxury Swiss watch brand has attracted over 100,000 golf enthusiasts from around the world. The app is available for free to everyone on iOS and Android, and can be accessed without a TAG Heuer Connected watch. The app offers key information that helps improve performance, records shooting distances and scores, and displays 99% of golf courses worldwide (40,000 maps) through accurate 3D mapping technology and regular updates.

TAG Heuer Connected Golf app

In this third generation of TAG Heuer Connected, the Swiss luxury watch brand introduces a unique functionality in the app, inspired by professional circuit statistics: the Driving Zone. The Driving Zone tool displays, on the player's smartphone, the best zone to target based on their previous rounds. Every previous tee shot is mapped with reliable performance indicators.

Naturally, this new version also has the original features of the TAG Heuer Golf app, such as all the information on the distances of a given green and obstacles at a glance, easy mapping of the course, scores for up to four players, distances Accurate shooting ranges, informative statistics after each lap, and the ability to use the app on almost any course in the world.

Connected Golf TAG Heuer

Live a TAG Heuer experience, on and off the pitch

The TAG Heuer Connected Golf Edition watch is first and foremost a Connected, and the TAG Heuer Golf app is just one of the many features this model offers.

In addition to golf, the recently launched TAG Heuer Sports app also supports activities such as running, cycling, hiking, or fitness sessions, and will feature more and more. Users can get detailed information about their performance directly on their watch and through the TAG Heuer mobile app, and can even sync their data with Apple Health or Strava.

With a design geared towards high intensity activities, the TAG Heuer Connected Golf Edition watch offers sapphire glass screen protection, rubber straps for optimal grip, breathability and comfort, a water resistance rating of 50 meters, Suitable for low-speed and shallow water activities and a 430 mAh battery that lasts all day, optimized to include an hour-long sports session using GPS, audio streaming and heart rate monitoring. For longer activities such as a golf session, the battery can support up to six hours of constant use of the Sports app and can be fully recharged in just an hour and a half in temperatures between 15 ° C and 45 ° C.

TAG Heuer Connected Golf edition box

Activities are recorded with the utmost precision and accuracy thanks to state-of-the-art sensors, including a new non-medical grade heart rate monitor, an integrated GPS, a compass, an accelerometer and a gyroscope.

Powered by Wear OS by Google, the TAG Heuer Connected Golf Edition watch also assists users in all day-to-day activities with invaluable services such as Google Assistant and Google Translate using the microphone left on the box, email notifications and messages, Google Pay in stores and countries where the service is enabled, as well as music controls, a calendar, the weather, maps and more with Google Play and its wide selection of applications.

A "hole in one" with TAG Heuer on the wrist

Designed, developed and optimized for the world's most popular individual sport players, the TAG Heuer Connected Golf Edition is the ultimate watch for golf lovers and watch enthusiasts. The new model highlights the passion of the Swiss luxury watch brand for sports and its commitment to developing cutting-edge technology framed by refined and elegant designs.

It is the ideal companion for golf lovers looking for an eye-catching luxury watch that helps them improve their technique and, at the same time, offers them the daily benefits of a connected and active lifestyle.

TAG Heuer Connected Golf Edition SBG8A82.EB0206 Facts and Figures:

TAG Heuer Connected Golf Edition review

Diameter: 45mm
Thickness: 13.5mm
Weight: Titanium case and rubber strap: 86 g
Water tightness: 5 ATM

Battery: 430 mAh battery with capacity for all day
Battery life: Normal use throughout the day (20 hours, including 1 hour of exercise), 6 hours of sports use (with GPS, FC and music)
Charging time: 100% in 1.5 hours at temperatures between 15 ° C and 45 ° C
Sensors: Heart rate, compass, accelerometer,
gyroscope, NFC, microphone

Processor: Qualcomm® Snapdragon WearTM 3100
Connectivity: BT SMART, WiFi

Screen: OLED screen 1.39 ″ 454 × 454 pixels (326 ppi)
Navigation: With touch screen or crown and buttons
- Top button: start the Sports application
- Center / crown button: Google navigation
- Bottom button: stopwatch

Data Accuracy: The data and values that the TAG Heuer Connected watch generates or calculates in activity tracking are intended to provide a very rough estimate of the quantities and activities monitored. However, such data and values may not always be completely accurate, so they should not be used for purposes that require absolute precision. Although the TAG Heuer Connected watch incorporates a heart rate monitor, it is not a medical device nor is it intended to provide medical diagnostic services or medical recommendations. It should not be used to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Grade 2 titanium grained case in matte black with DLC treatment
Black-grained ceramic bezel with special golf engraving (18 holes)
Flat sapphire crystal
Black rubber and steel crown at 3 o'clock with white lacquered logo
Black steel push buttons at 2 and 4 green lacquered
Black DLC Treatment Grade 2 Titanium Case Back
Quick change system
Bi-material rubber strap construction
Black and white rubber strap with golf pattern
Additional black perforated rubber strap
Folding clasp in grade 2 titanium with black DLC treatment with double security buttons and the TAG Heuer shield
Special case with an additional strap, sprinkler, 4 tees and 3 golf balls


Special white leather travel case with green stitching
Special blank leather golf case including:
4 TAG Heuer branded tees
TAG Heuer branding machines
3 TAG Heuer branded golf balls
Secondary strap compartment
Operating system: Wear OS by Google

Google's smartphone operating system provides access to all the features of Wear OS by Google, including access to all Wear OS by Google apps and watch faces available in the Google Play app store. More information in:

Google, Android, Google Play, Wear OS by Google and other marks are registered trademarks of Google LLC. Wear OS by Google works with phones running Android 6.0+ (except Go edition) or iOS 10.0+. The supported functions may differ between platforms and countries.

Google Assistant is not available in certain languages and countries.

Google Pay is available for select partner countries and banks.


TAG Heuer custom-made applications

Watch faces
Five bespoke watch faces
Edit and customize watch faces on your watch or mobile phone
Download new TAG Heuer watch faces directly to your watch or mobile phone

Sports watch app
Tailor-made sports monitoring app with GPS and HR sensors
Sports: golf, running, cycling, hiking, fitness and more
Metrics collected: distance, duration, pace / speed, HR, calories
Feedback: haptic feedback, 3 second countdown, automatic lap every kilometer / mile, manual lap at the push of a button
Sport and wellness tiles for a quick overview of each activity for a week / month / year

Other TAG Heuer micro-applications


All information about distances and obstacles at a glance: the TAG Heuer Connected smartwatch shows the distances of a given green, as well as its obstacles. This information, in addition to being easily legible, has incredible accuracy, with precision of one meter. The watch captures the position using the integrated GPS.

Easy-to-read 2D and 3D course maps: The Golf Edition smart watch is distinguished by its unique interactive 2D golf course mapping. On the phone, 3D playback offers a higher quality and more realistic view of the field. Rather than simply showing distances, the TAG Heuer Connected Golf Edition displays high-quality hole maps in high quality, using vector technology to display the course, including bunkers, fairways and rough terrain, in greater detail than satellite mapping technology used by other similar apps. In addition, the maps are interactive and allow the user to scroll through them.

Record scores for up to four players: Another feature of the app transports sport to the digital age by replacing traditional score cards with a more interactive option. In a few seconds, the player can enter his score and that of the other players, without losing sight of the score during the match. Whether players choose stroke play, hole play or Stableford, the TAG Heuer Golf app will record scores from the user's wrist.

Accuracy in shooting distances: If the shot recording function is activated, the app records the shooting distance when the player walks to the ball. The recorded shooting distance is accurate to one meter.

Driving Zone: The player can visualize in each hole the landing zone of each of the previous tee shots and improve his score by concentrating on the optimal zone.

Useful statistics in each hole: all the information entered in the app can be sent instantly to a mobile phone from the watch, or stored locally if there is no mobile phone nearby. After each round, the player enjoys interesting statistics, which include, among other data, average putts per hole, longest drive and distribution of scores.

Play on any course in the world: TAG Heuer Golf has maps of more than 39,000 golf courses around the world. In this way, you can accompany players wherever their love of sport takes them. The database receives continuous updates to include new routes or changes to existing ones, thus ensuring the highest possible accuracy of 3D maps.


TAG Heuer mobile companion app tailor-made for iOS and Android

Clock face tab
Browse and download TAG Heuer watch faces
Edit and customize watch faces

Sports tab
Review workouts, including interactive map, divisions, charts (HR, pace / speed)
History, including golf workouts (link to TAG Heuer Golf app)
Connect to third-party applications, e.g. ex. Strava and Apple Health


A professional golf course feature only available in the TAG Heuer Golf app.

With the new Driving Zone feature, TAG Heuer Golf helps players visualize the efficiency of their tee shots like never before and aim for best performance.

First, by using the Record Shot function (from their watch or smartphone), golfers will be able to measure their shooting distances and build a dataset of their tee shots.

Subsequently, when they play on the same hole again, golfers will see the landing point of all their previous tee shots, mapped on the 3D images. Each shot passed will be represented by a color indicator corresponding to the score they made that day.

This mapping will help players choose the best teeing strategy for each hole, based on their past performance.
This Driving Zone functionality is directly inspired by the professional golf course and is exclusive to the TAG Heuer Golf app.