Tudor Watch

Cutting-edge, adventurously designed and scintillatingly contemporary, Tudor is the younger sibling of notorious brand Rolex. From a Tudor watch, not only expect style, precision and functionality, but also an intriguing design history and advances of a brand that is no stranger to success.
The iconic design and exceptional attention to detail have led Tudor to become one of the most appreciated brands in the world of watches.
In 1946, Hans Wilsdorf, the visionary founder of the Rolex Watch Company, decided to produce a new watch brand offering the durability, reliability and precision of Rolex but at a more accessible price. This ground-breaking decision marked the birth of the Tudor brand, a distinct watch collection based on an adventurous heritage, technical prowess and an acute sense of style. Inspired by its history, Tudor continues to pay homage to the models that paved the way for the brand by reviving, reinterpreting and adding to its revered collection of watches.